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Deluxe New Members Kit

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When a New Member is inducted into Apex there is an opportunity for the club to present the New Member with a deluxe Members pack.

This includes the standard New Members kit, a dinner badge and a range of generic apex merchandise to suit everyone.

The New Members kit and new members badge are a must for all new members and now there is a range of merchandise available to complement the basic kit.

The Deluxe New Member’s Kit contains the following items:-

*Welcome letter from the national president

*Lapel Pin

*New Members Certificate

*VIP Score Card

*75th Year Anniversary diamond cut key ring

*Stubby cooler with apex logo

*Latest edition of Apexian Magazine

*Bumper sticker

*Dinner Badge Apex cap with embroidered logo

*75th Year Anniversary lapel pin

*Polo shirt with embroidered logo and club name

*Printed pen

*Printed ruler

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