• Apex Supply House stocks a wide range of merchandise designed to suit all your Apex needs.  Our family business is made up of a diverse range of skills which allows us to specialise in small providing you with quantities.


  • We design, manufacture, embroider, engrave, market, pack then post most of our products.  We then provide after sales service consistent with a well established business that relies on repeat customer patronage.  This synergy is small business at its best allowing us to fill a niche market in supplying small quantities of souvenir merchandise to contemporary associations and businesses.


  • Apex Supply House brings together our manufacturing and promotional businesses and combines them with our own experience in the Association to create a synergy that has a proven capacity to deliver best quality merchandise at competitive prices to a decentralized membership base. Our tailored website provides a full range of merchandise suitable for the dissemination of the Apex logo by promoting a one-stop shop for all the Associations merchandising needs. Our business specialises in providing best quality merchandise delivered at competitive retail prices while continually meeting deadlines that surprise our clients.


  • The only associations that have survived the last three decades are those that are easily recognised by the community and have actively promoted their logo. Branding, or in the case of associations, badging, forms an integral part of the credibility of a service club.  Wide community recognition of our badging is equally important in recruiting prospexians and in turn the survival of our Association.  Careful guidance of the Apex logo over the last 75 years makes us the beneficiaries of a logo that is synonymous with altruistic service and positive community involvement. Supply house recognises the need to act as a conduit for its members to a wide range of merchandise that continues to promote the logo in a consistent and tasteful manner.

What is the role of Apex Supply House?

  • Badging (or branding) the Aassociation

At the very heart of the Apex culture are common procedures, practices and Badging. A member of our Association can visit any other club in the nation and should immediately recognise common customs and ideals. Inherent in this culture is a desire by members of the association to be immediately identified as belonging to Apex. The simplest form of the expression of this culture is through common Badging. Right across Australia Apex clubs proudly stand behind the same logo on their uniforms, badges, equipment and the like. Supply House provides a range of contemporary merchandise as a one-stop shop to all members of the Associations.


  • Promotion of common products to all Clubs

The Association has the right to change its logo and indeed has done so several times over the life of the Association.   Many of the changes to the logo have reflected the development of our Association.   As part of its role in steering the vision for Apex the National Board influences the merchandise available to members of the association by having a single supply house. By promoting a one stop shop to its members the National Board is in a unique position to ensure that all members of the Association are able to share common merchandise that promotes our logo.


Who owns Apex Supply House?

D Factor Pty Ltd ACN 006 859 132 trading as Oz Supply House is a private company established to promote merchandise produced by a number of manufacturers primarily based in South East Queensland. Oz Supply House is an e-commerce business with customer support provided by a team headed up by Christine Dixon. We are based in Hervey Bay which is situated on the east coast of Australia, 300 km north of Brisbane.  For more general information on our region see www.herveybay.qld.gov.au

Our suppliers are able to manufacture a large range of business and private promotional items including name tags, rubber stamps, stickers, trophies and plaques.  State of the art engraving equipment adds considerable sophistication to the huge range of merchandise supporting our clients’ activities.  Our suppliers have recently invested in industrial embroidery machines which have allowed us to considerably extend the range of merchandise on offer to our clients. Our business has been under its current ownership for the past 16 years and sells 97% of its merchandise outside Hervey Bay.

Our Business E-commerce.

We have developed a virtual shop that trades as Oz Supply House.  We have a growing Product List and continue to seek out new products that our manufacturers customise to meet an increasingly sophisticated world.  Our shop makes purchasing customised products easy.  Instant payment using your Credit card over the internet through our real-time online gateway allows us to shorten lead times for completing delivery.  This allows you to get on with your business or promoting your ideals.

Tony Cutting.JPG


We have developed sophisticated skills that allow us to minimise Artwork Costs and deliver quality products at competitive prices.  We pride ourselves on being creative and tailor customised products to your specifications.  Contemporary merchandising is turning an email into an enamelled picture on a cup or the same picture circulating on a business card, fridge magnet, or range of merchandise.   New industrial embroidery machinery now increases the range of merchandising putting the same logo or message across a whole range of clothing.



Our business has grown over many years and we have developed a contemporary range of product categories that allows us to market a huge number of souvenir and promotional products. We cast our own souvenir items and engrave our own trophies and medals.  We also embroider on a wide range of clothing and hats.

Rowan Casting.JPG

Sales Support

We understand that getting the right Presentation Item or impressive marketing message is an important part of any business or association.  We have the skills to assist you to develop your vision into a reality – helping you design your merchandise and delivering it to your business in a timely and economical fashion.  Completing a Quotation Form is an easy way of determining the viability of your vision.  We have developed many skills over the years which have allowed us to keep Artwork Cost to a minimum.

Postage & Handling

We find Australia post and regional freight companies on the whole reliable and 99%+ of orders are delivered without a hitch.  We pack our own products and have developed a great understanding of movement of products around the country.    We try to restrict our stock to items that can be delivered with 14 days.

After sales service

As a family business we take great pride in our after sales service and encourage customers with any difficulties to contact Michelle and her team straight away.  Our business is about repeat customers.

Our Customers

We have a diverse range of customers and see ourselves as a Supply House for small businesses and active associations.  We have considerable experience in customising a range of products for a National Association and assisting in the implementation of common sense distribution protocols.  We work with our customers to tailor a range of merchandise to suit their needs and we then put in place a simple system of replenishing stock online.

We specialise in small quantities and attract many customers with a one off function or task.  Whether it is a groom buying engraved pewters for his bridal party, or a club secretary arranging the seasons presentations, we are able to call on a wide range of ideas and products to make your merchandising budget achieve full value.

Contact Us


We value your opinion and welcome your comments.  Please feel welcome to Contact Us with any views about our website.  We are particularly interested on any products you believe we should stock to assist you with your business or association.  Please download a copy of our Price List for your further reference.

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